The beveling tool in Maya was pretty limited. In recent releases, it has gotten much better, to the point where it is pretty usable and pretty stable as well. Likely, there is still some room for improvements with the tool.

how to create a nondestructive bevel in Maya 2016 using Soup

It is worth wile to note that you can add them at render time, but how about being able to work more nondestructively on an object? Well, in essence, the bevel is just a node in maya. So technically it is sort-of nondestructive already, just not as flexible as how TheIcemanModdeler sees it.

Here, he shows how you can easily create a nondestructive bevel system in Maya using SOuP. The system will allow you to add or subtract edges that are designated for the bevel. You can add the edges you want to round out, or remove them from the group, as if you were working with a modifier.

SOuP offers a collection of nodes for Maya that extend Maya’s capabilities into creating a nondestructive procedural pipeline, and, is free to download.