car rig in Ae

Thomas Euvrie breaks down how to create a car rig in Ae. Animating things that have multiple components in After Effects gets simpler knowing that you can parent objects together. In fact the simple act of parenting will take care of some really complex animation issues.

this simple car rig will automate the rotation of the wheels and the orientation of the car along the motion path

As useful as parenting is, it might not get you all the way there, depending on your situation. One such situation is creating a car that needs to both move around the scene, and also have the wheels turn accordingly.

This can be done by with a bit of maths and expressions in After Effects. Here, Thomas Euvrie posts a short article describing how to create a simple car rig. If you follow along you can create a car rig that will automate the rotation of the car wheels, and the orientation of the car itself along the motion path. This will make animating the car much easier in After Effects.

Check out Thomas Euvrie’s tutorial for Creating a Simple Car Rig in After Effects, and download the Preset.