Using the Smudge Tool in SynthEyes

Recently Andersson Technologies pushed out an update to SynthEyes that added some really great user-driven features. SynthEyes 1511, added a new smudge tool that allows you to edit a 3D mesh to better match your shot imagery.

The smudge tool allows you to edit a mesh to better match shot imagery

The tool can be used after the mesh has been tracked into the shot, using it to refine the boundary or the interior of 3D Objects. Here, Russ Andersson walks through the Smudge Tool’s modes and settings within SynthEyes, and offers some practical examples for its use.

Shortly before the launch of Syntheses 1511, Matthew Merkovich posted a little demo showing off some of the new tracking tools, tracking the deformations in his face. Matthew has promised that a walkthrough tutorial will be coming soon.