Showing off some of the new features for SynthEyes, and how they might be used, Russ Andersson shows how to model a building from survey photos.

create a 3D model of a small springhouse (building) out of geometric primitives

Survey Photos, or survey shots are a series of still images that are collected from one or more still cameras. You can use a collection of survey photos to reconstruct part of a scene in 3D. Survey Photos processing came with SynthEyes version 1209 helping to assemble an IFL, and track it quickly.

Here, Russ offers some insights into how survey shots can be used with “lock z-drop”, the # segment tool, smudge, edit pivots, etc. in the latest version of SynthEyes. Russ notes that if there were more source images in the example, it would be possible to build the model directly from the trackers instead of from primitives.