It has been a while since we heard from Ben Watts Design. As always, it is difficult to strike a balance better being busy with work and sharing what you have learned from being busy with work.

how to grow attributes across static or deforming geometry.

Hoping to strike a gentle compromise and balance, Ben starts what is to be a new series of tutorials set as 10 minute quick tips, with his tool of choice these days which is Houdini.

Yes, Ben is a switcher, moving to Houdini from Cinema 4D. Here, Ben shows how to create a really cool, procedural organic propagation effect in Houdini.  Procedurally growing attributes across deforming geometry is something that you can use in a lot of other work. As Ben notes, the technique has a foundation that can be used for spreading shader attributes, growing polly lines or joining them, or even creating growth in liquid effects.