How to Model a Simple House Procedurally in Houdini

The CGI Nerd shows how to model a simple building procedurally using Houdini.

Modeling in a procedural way takes some time to adjust. There is a little more involved than merely extruding and putting objects together. The good thing about working this way is that you have the flexibility to create models and variations on the models as you see fit. An example of this is to develop buildings, like a simple house procedurally so that you can add windows, doors, rooftops and facade details parametrically.

The CGI Nerd Alejandro Perez posted a recording of a live stream where he showed how to model a simple building procedurally. “We will be making this a digital asset as well so that we can control many of the procedural settings and be able to create many variations of this house,” Perez says.