There is no better way to learn a new application, than to get in there and create something cool. What is cool to do in Houdini?… Destroy something, of course.

how to use a series of tools to build a complex crumbling effect in Houdini 15.

Here, Atom shows how to create fractures that will eventually crumble type using Houdini rigid body dynamics. The video shows how you can use groups in Houdini to better focus the fracturing to a specified area of the model.

You can create your own destiny style attribute for scatting by using Houdini’s Attribute Wrangle.

Atom also walks through setting the Glue Constraint Strength that will make the simulation appear to move slower, bringing a better sense of scale to the thing when it is completed.

The finishing touches include using Houdini’s Debris tool that can add the particles needed to the fractured pieces, and PyroFX with a source for making Smoke.

Atom finally, reuses the initial fracture pieces from the font as smaller debris shards to replace the standard particle spheres for rendering.