GeoTracker Model-Based Object Tracking Plugin for Nuke

While working on a film project that needed quite a bit of match moving, Roman, from Keen  Tools developed a tool for Nuke that would speed up the tracking process as much as possible.

GeoTracker is a lightweight Nuke plugin for the model-based single view object tracking

Out of that development came GeoTracker, a lightweight plugin for Nuke that allows you to create 3d model based single view object tracking, fast.

The tracking tool was built to support accurate and fast tracking of rigid objects, while still being easy to use. GeoTracker makes it possible to create and adjust the tracking information without leaving Nuke for another application. There is no need to continually be importing and exporting data when your track needs to be adjusted. The plugin represents an all-in-one tool and workflow.

The plugin is available as a beta right now, for more information, or a download, check out the GeoTracker page on Nukepedia.

GeoTracker Main Features

  • Accurate tracking of rigid objects.
  • Easy to use. Only important user-dependent parameters are shown in the UI while a lot of hidden parameters are intelligently calculated internally.
  • Fast. The crucial task was to speed up the tracking process as much as possible. We believe that GeoTracker significantly reduces the amount of “manual labor”.
  • Fast. Again 🙂 -makes it possible to create and adjust tracking information right inside The Foundry Nuke. It can shorten your workflow significantly. Thus, you don’t need to switch between applications and perform export/import when some inaccuracies are detected.
  • Native. It’s created using all strengths and possibilities of The Foundry Nuke API.
  • It’s just a beginning. When using GeoTracker, please keep in mind that it’s only a beta version.


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  1. Justin

    Looks great, but I can’t help wishing they had used footage of a Geo Tracker for the demo.


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