Matt Workman Offers a Look at Using Adobe Fuse for Cinematography Design

What good might Adobe Fuse be? Technical DP Matt Workman offers a first-timer’s look and run-through of the new application. Released as a preview, you might remember it as Mixamo. The tech company developed web-based services for 3D character animation that was bought out by Adobe. Mixamo initially relied on machine learning to ease the process for rigging and animating 3D characters. Recently Mixamo was acquired by Adobe back in June of 2015.

communicate actor blocking, framing, action, everything.

Here, Matt takes an interesting look at using Adobe Fuse, which was pushed out as a preview in the latest creative cloud release. Matt shows hot to use Fuse for cinematography design, or previs.

The new middleware application is meant to be a tool that will allow anyone to incorporate 3D characters in their workflow, be it 2D in Photoshop, or 3D with your favorite 3D application. Here, Matt shows how you can use Adobe Fuse characters in Photoshop for 2D storyboards or in 3D in Maya.

Fuse is far from a high-end solution, but can be a quick way to incorporate 3D characters into your workflow. Matt generates a character, dresses them, customizes the texture, uploads it to the cloud, uses auto skin online, downloads the FBX and imports it into Maya, using the Mixamo Rig script for Maya to generate a rig.