Script Creates Controls for Mixamo Rigged Characters in C4D

RH Character Tools Automatically Creates Controllers on Auto-Rigged Mixamo Characters Right in Cinema 4D.

Rigging is such a technical thing that brings multiple disciplines together to create a character that will let you focus on animation, rather than the technical bits. If you don’t fall into the “technical” catagory and want to focus on only the creative and animation side of 3D characters with Cinema 4D, you probably already know that Mixamo (Adobe Fuse) can auto-rig characters for you. In Cinema 4d, the structure can be lacking, as there are no clear controls. That is until Young-duk Kim created RH Character Tools.

The tools consist of a controller preset and a script pack to assist with tools for rigging and animation. RH Character Tools provides a preset controller that makes it much easier to work with, and animate Mixamo rigged characters, providing controls that work with IK, Xpresso, user data, Visual Selector and more.

The scripts also provide tools to make animating the characters more accessible, with things for flipping animation, mirroring, resetting, copy, paste, copy-track, and more.

RH Character Tools needs Cinema 4D Studio R17 and Over. Learn more here.

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