Overview for What’s New in HB Modeling Bundle for C4D

Holger Biebrach’s HB Modeling Bundle is a “must have” if you are serious about modeling workflow in C4D. His suite of modeling tools, pushes C4D’s modeling toolset into the modern age, with over 60 scripts and tools that will elevate your modeling experience within the application.

overviewing the new and unique Retopo Workflow added to the HB Modeling Bundle 2.1

Holger notes that modeling can see a serious decrease in the amount of clicks that it takes to do something, typically 2-10 times less. The Bundle is set for an update to version 2.1, and here Holger runs through some of the new tools and how they work.

HB Bundle 2.1 adds a unique retopology toolset, which is coming along nicely! Here Holger offers an overview for Retopo work, a new Slide Mode that will be making its way into the Modeling Bundle as a new feature, and a new installation routine for all the scripts and tools involved.