Animator Emanuele Colombo has been sharing a look into how he sets up and animates characters in After Effects. This third installment shows how he deals with the head and body of the character.

One thing is clear from watching this series, is that Emanuele uses the most simplest techniques for rigging and animating a character in Ae. There really isn’t much too it. Then again, professionals make it look easy, I am sure.

The previous tips and tricks videos can be seen in this post, Squash, Stretch & Overlapping Action In After Effects, and this, Creating Characters to Animate in After Effects.



  1. Maxx

    These are probably the most useful tutorials ever

  2. Maxx

    Anyway, it is incredibile how using such a simple rigging system he obtains a result that is way better than 90% of the stuff we see out there.

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