Magic Projector Projects Splines or Meshes Onto Other Objects in C4D

Nitro4D posts what looks to be another great tool for C4D, just in time for the holidays. Magic Projector allows you to easily project C4D Splines and even meshes onto other objects in your scene.

one great plugin to project spline , mesh to other object

Simply Select the thing that you want to project in your scene, spline or geometry, and select the Magic Projector plugin within C4D. Adding a target object to plugin will make the splines conform to the shape of your base geometry.

Magic Projector works just like another deformer in Cinema 4D. In fact, it is a deformer in of itself. This means that you can stack the plugin with any other deformer in C4D to create some pretty great effects.

I can see how projecting things onto other things cam be useful for modeling, animation and lots of other workflows. Visit Nitro4D to download the Magic Projector plugin for Cinema 4D, and find out more.