Create a Boiling Effect in Houdini on the Surface of an Object

Digital Artist Simon Fiedler previously posted a look at Preparing a Houdini Digital Asset for Use in Cinema 4D using a boiling effect as an example.

…generates a boiling effect and double walled bubbles on the surface of any object.

Now, Simon posts a look that is dedicated specifically to Cinema 4D users who would want to extend the C4D toolset with Houdini.

Simon shows how to create the effect from scratch in Houdini. The effect will generate double walled bubbles on the surface of any object. Simon notes that after the boiling effect is created, you can turn it into a Houdini Digital Asset and use that asset in Cinema 4D, with the Houdini Engine.

Digital Assets in Houdini act as custom operators that can be built from node networks. You can package any network in a digital asset to make it portable. You can then bring out the parameters for easy access, in any application that supports the Houdini Engine, or in Houdini itself.