Marmoset Releases Hexels 2, Adding Animation, Layers

Marmoset recently announced and released Hexels 2, their latest version of the grid-based painting tool that uses shapes for pixels, or “hexels”.

Hexels 2 is a really a powerhouse of new features, and speaks to the commitment Marmoset has for the little paint program, along with its development team.

The latest release sees a new Layer system, letting users paint as they would inside Photoshop, using layers to organize and layout the scene.

Hexels 2 adds a new animation editor that allows you to animate frame-by-frame, using key cels. Each frame has its own stack of layers in Hexels. The counter part to animation, is Hexels new animated GIF export.

Hexels 2 now sports a new Super Grid, that allows you to paint using any shape style brush while in Trixel mode. Various parts of the drawing will remember the brush shape and grid that was used. You can even subdivide the grid for more details while you are painting.

Best of all, Hexels is only $38.00 for a full license, or you can upgrade for $19. Visit Marmoset for more information on Hexels 2.

New in Hexels 2

  • Animation Editor!
  • Layers!
  • Layered PSD export
  • Animated GIF export
  • Fancy Palette
  • Improved Outline Tool
  • Gradient & Noise Tools
  • Super Grid

Refined Shape Modes:

  • Classic (Hexagon)
  • Custom
  • Pixel
  • Trixel Plus Sub-grids
  • Voronoi