Take This, is a New Animation “Take” System for Ae

Take This is a new way to audition and store animations as you work in After Effects.

The latest release of After Effects added some functionality to Cineware, the extension that allows you to use Cinema 4D file within Ae. Added to the list of improvements was the ability to utilize C4D’s “Take” system.

Store, sort, swap and step through different versions of your animations.

Hot on the heels of that news, comes a new Ae extension from newly anointed Adobe After Effects Product Manager, Victoria Nece. In actuality, the new title is “Product Manager for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics”, which will include After Effects and Character Animator.

Victoria’s Take This, will allow you to store, swap and step through different versions of your animations or expressions.

Take This, offers a smart UI panel that will keep track of your takes for you, so you don’t have to go digging through the effects panel looking for saved presets.

Take This represents a comprehensive way to do multiple auditions on animation, lighting, or camera moves, and keep older versions around, right on the same layer.

It is important to note thatTake This uses HTML5 extensively for the user interface, and as such requires CC2015 to work.

You can find Take This, the take system for After Effects over at aescripts + aeplugins, priced at $39.99.