Working With Hexels for Drawing Tiled Pixel Art

TipTut’s Matthew Fryer Shows How Easy it is to Create tiled Art With Hexels

You have a range of choices for tools that can create pixel art. Any pixel editing program will let you produce that cherished pixel art look. It’s just a matter of the degree of difficulty. That is the case for using a software package that made for pixel art. There are many, and Marmoset Hexels is one of them. Specialized tools will have features for creating tiled pixel artwork.

TipTut’s Matthew Fryer walks through creating tiled pixel art in Hexels, using the Wrapping Preview feature. Wrapping Preview lets you quickly see the boundaries of the canvas you are painting with a preview of how the tiles will look.

Marmoset Hexels 3 is pretty fantastic. It’s available for MacOS and Windows and is under $50.00. That gets you free point releases and free email support.