Marmoset Gets Hexels, a Simple Grid-Based Art Tool

Marmoset, creators of Toolbag, have recently released Hexels, a  grid based art application under the Marmoset Name. Hexels is a simple and easy to use paint program, that will allow you to paint with shapes, based on a grid.

Hexels is a fun and simple grid-based art tool that lets you paint with shapes

Hexels is a simple paint program that will allow you to draw agains a grid, with any type of shapes. Think of it as pixel art, only you can use triangles, hexagons, or squares for your base painting shape and grid.

You may remember the pixel art tool from from Hex-Ray Studios, a two person team that started all the way back in 2011. Recently Hex-Ray Studios have been absorbed by Marmoset. Ken Kopecky, co-creator and mad scientist behind of Hexels, and Mira Karouta (Arts and Hexagonal Marketing) have joined the Marmoset team.

The plan is to continue to have the development on Hexels’ features and tools under the Marmoset name. Check out the new home for Hexels over at Marmoset, where Hexels is now just $25 for a full license.