Folding Title Generator for C4D Lets You Create Folding Type Effects

Mustapha Fersaoui recently released a new plugin for Cinema 4D that allows you to easily create dynamic and interesting title animations. The Folding Title Generator offers a completely automated system for generating type that will animate with a folding effect.

Animate your title animation by just moving the Effector

The Folding Title Generator is composed of three systems that come together to create folding type. The Effector is a specially modified C4D effector that lets you animate the folding effect.

The layer system in the plugin generates multiple layers that can be stacked on each other. This lets you customize the folding effect how you like.

Finally, the global duplication system, allows you to manage large projects with complex animation, much more easily.

The plugin comes with  25 presets that will generate a couple title animation with a single click, a studio light kit to help light your scene, a custom effector, 65 materials, and a cel material generator.

Folding Title Generator

Learn more about the Folding Title Generator on Mustapha Fersaoui’s page, where you can buy the C4D tool or around $50.00.