EasyExp Lets you Easily Rig & Skin Character Lips, Eyes in Maya

You might be already familiar with Subbu Addanki, and his HyperSkinning system for Autodesk Maya. His latest offering, EasyExp will allow you to quickly rig eyes and lips.

HyperSkinning was Subbu’s take on further automating the skinning system for the rigging process in Maya.

Ov the last little while, Subbu Addanki has been building upon his character rigging toolset with as_SmoothNearest, EasySnake and others.

Recently, he has created a tool that allows you to easily rig lips and eyes, using his HyperSkinning system.

EasyExp will generate the lip or eye curves from an edge selection in the viewport. From there, it is just a simple click to generate the rig.

The HyperSkinning system will take care of the skinning for the lips and eye lids, and the default results are amazingly good.