Getting Started Using the Free Dual Graph Voronoi C4D Plugin

Ever find yourself wishing there was a voronoi tool for C4D?

AixSonza’s CEO and Technical Director, Manuel Casasola Merkle, recently posted a little plugin for C4D, that was ported over from the experiments he was doing in Houdini.

The Dual Graph voronoi tool will create the familiar Voronoi forms on any object in Cinema 4D, by retopologizing your surface into a parametric mesh.

Quick tip how to get started with AIXMNU’s Dual Graph plugin for Cinema 4D.

Showing how to get started using the voronoi plugin for C4D, Viktor Niklasson posts a look at getting started with the plugin. Viktor is a Visual designer and web developer, CEO at ThunderCode.

Recently, the RenderKing Alessandro Boncio, also posted his thoughts on the plugin.

The plugin is only available through this direct link, so be sure to check out the Dual Graph Voronoi plugin for C4D.