Liquid Simulations in C4D Using Effex NodeGroup Presets

NAVIÉ, creators of Effex, the visual effects framework for Cinema 4D, posts a look at using the updates latest feature, NodeGroup presets.

using the new NodeGroup presets in Effex 2.70.60.

Effex version 2.70.60 adds NodeGroup presets, which offers a better way to manage all the attributes within the Effex framework.

NodeGroup presets added lots of new and useful additions. The new ‘Singles’ will help beginners as well as advanced users, quickly setup the most popular simulations. This includes fire, smoke liquids and particles.

Using a liquid simulation as an example, this tutorial walk through the basic of getting started quickly using the C4D effects tool.

NodeGroup Preset changes aside, the latest version has separated the core library for Effex and the plugin itself. This will allow for a “safeguard” against any future changes to the Cinema 4D API, making a clear track for future development of Effex.

You learn more about the new features in NAVIÉ Effex 2.70.60, by checking out the press release and features here: Effex 2.5 Physics Based Simulations for Cinema 4D.