Tony Pinkevich Shows Traditional Pose to Pose Animation in After Effects

No rigs, no fancy tools, just traditional pose to pose animation, right in After Effects.

Tony Pinkevich is a Creative Director and Animator at Untime, but you may also remember him from his After Effects tools and scripts.

Tony continually posts short progress on his animation tests, breakdowns and interesting techniques. It is worth while to follow him on Dribbble, if you don’t already.


His last post was a great looking character animation. What is interesting about Tony’s latest study, was that he used basic pose to pose animation in after effects. Posting a time-lapse of his work in Ae for the animation, Tony shows that, with determination, and animation skill, you can solve all problems.

If you look, tony is just moving anchor points around, creating the poses on the fly. There are no fancy tools or rigs used here, just hard work, and of course, tedium.

You can see Tony using old school tools, like pose references from his thumbnails, and timing charts that he draws directly on his work area. Great stuff.

Tony admittedly notes that “I’m not pro in this type of animation and I just learning.”