What It Takes to Rebuild C4D’s MoGraph Cloner in Houdini

Ever wonder what it would take to recreate the C4D MoGraph Cloner in Houdini?

Houdini and Cinema 4D share some similarities, in that they can procedurally do things that other applications would have to do manually. Houdini, at the moment, is a workhorse, in the sense that it is built to handle massive amounts of data.

how to recreate the Mograph tool set from Cinema 4d in Houdini

While the core of Cinema 4D is being overhauled as we speak —which will make it a workhorse, for now, Houdini has the advantage.

But what would it take to rebuild some of C4D’s prized tools in an application like Houdini? Here, master-trainer Rohan Dalvi offers a look at doing just that.

Rohan Dalvi’s new series will take on the challenge for recreating Cinema 4D’s Mograph tools in Houdini.

There has been quite a few C4D community “switchers” that have gone on to the wide-open promises of Side Effects Houdini. Every time I mention this in a post, I inevitably receive comments on how much more difficult Houdini looks in the face of an artist-friendly Cinema 4D. Although Houdini is more of a pipeline application, it is not for everyone.