Recreating C4D’s Random Effector With Houdini Using Attribute Randomize

Master Houdini Trainer Rohan Dalvi continues his look at recreating the Cinema 4D Mograph Module within Houdini using nodes, using Attribute Randomize for C4D’s random effector.

how to recreate the Random Effector using the Attribute Randomize node.

Here, Rohan shows how you can recreate the random effector, using Houdini’s Attribute Randomize node.

The Randomize node in Houdini will generate random values for various distributions, allowing you to create or modify any attribute.

Previously, Rohan’s series covered rebuilding the Step Effector in Houdini, as well as the plain and falloff effectors.

If you have been following along with the series, it may make you begin to appreciate the elegant simplicity offered by Cinema 4D. If you are a more technical person, you can really appreciate the power, flexibility, and wide-open possibility of Houdini.