MamoWorld Creates an After Effects Import We’ve All Been Waiting For

If you have thought that After Effects’ import routine looks like something completely out of date with today’s applications, you are not alone.

Ae uses the standard OS dialogs and leaves it up to you to find your own stuff. While high end applications go the route of completely designing their own import routines and functionality, the After Effects team has chosen somehow to ignore the fact that theirs’ is laughable.

After Effects users deserve something better, and now there finally is something better.

Thank the stars for Mathias Muhl and his team at MamoWorld, who recently posted a sneak preview for a new tool that they have been working on called the QuickImporter for Premiere Pro and After Effects.

QuickImporter is the import routine that we all deserve in After Effects. Instead of focusing on featuring Adobe Stock Footage and recent projects, MamoWorld takes a much more professional and useful approach to an import dialog.

QuickImporter looks fast, and lets you easily search and preview your assets before you choose to import them.

Really, it is a shame that something like this has to come from 3rd party developers and not the core After Effects team. Maybe After Effects should just be open sourced at this point, as more valuable work is being created outside of Adobe.