Arnold RenderView for Maya Gets Some Great Updates

The Solid Angle Team has pushed out an update to MtoA, the Arnold Render engine running in Autodesk Maya. MtoA adds some great new features to the Arnold RenderView for Maya.

Discover the last updates in Arnold RenderView for Maya, included in MtoA

Some Maya-specific features include support for Maya render layers, and the ability to control display settings by Maya’s Color Management. Settings for the Arnold RenderView are now saved with the Maya scene file.

Other additions include Open Color IO support, an A/B wipe comparison tool, save as EXR, and an improved crop region tool.

MtoA uses the Arnold core, and also features a wide range of feature additions itself. Check out the user guide for more information.

New Arnold RenderView Features Include :

  • OCIO support
  • A/B wipe comparison tool
  • Display Settings can be controlled by Maya Color Management
  • Support for Render Layers
  • Procedural nodes and Standins can be selected by picking in the viewer
  • Improved Crop region tool
  • Save images as EXR
  • Save all AOVs in a Multi-Layer EXR
  • Load existing images into the Snapshots library
  • Render View options are now saved in the maya scene
  • All options can be set by script