Survival Shader Pack Offers a Jumpstart for Arnold Materials

Visualact Releases an Arnold Shader Pack That Contains a Base for More Than 100 Common Materials

Survival Shader Pack is an Arnold Material Library for Autodesk Maya that can help jumpstart your look-dev processes by offering nice starter-shaders for commonly used materials.

With Arnold Render being bundled with Maya, it’s nice to have a base library of materials around that can help get you started. Autodesk recently included a series of Arnold Shader Presets with Maya. If you want more shaders that extend beyond material presets, then you should have a look at the Survival Shaders.

Currently Visualact’s Arnold Shader Library is being sold at 62% off. That gives you more than 100 materials for $30. The library is a living one — More shaders are added to the pack quite often. Visit Visualact to learn more about the Survival Shader Pack for Arnold and Maya