Mixing Mocha Tracking and 3D Elements With Cinema 4D

At first it might sound a little excessive to have a product like MochBlend-C4D, a tool that allows you to convert Mocha tracking data into 3D data in C4D.

This shot illustrates what can be done by tracking some motion in mocha, converting it to a 3D path with MochaBlend-C4D.

A lot of things can be essentially “faked” in composition. Having said that, watching the example that’s provided by Good Spirit Graphics Christopher Barrett, makes you second guess your first instincts.

Being able to use Mocha tracking data in a 3D application can solve a ton of problems in some particular visual effects shots.

Here, Christopher Barrett shows how you can create an interesting mix between 3D elements and 2D elements using Mocha tracking and Cinema 4D.

Christopher walks through create the pencil and cube shot, from rotoscoping work done in Mocha, right down to linking the cube’s vertex to the 3D motion path in Cinema 4D.

There are some tips here as well, showing why you wouldn’t want to use mocha’s ‘Adjust Track’ to correct for the blue ‘Surface’ in the shot, when you export to MochaBlend-C4D’s solver.

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