The After Effects scripting duo of Dan Ebberts & Orrin Zucker rounds out their animation tools for After Effects in their follow up to the “Monkeys” branded scripts.

A new way of working with text in 3D space unleashes amazing possibilities.

CircusMonkey allows you to easily create kinetic type peaches fast. You might be thinking that CircusMonkey sounds early similar to another monkey that you might know, TypeMonkey.

Circus Versus Motion for Kinetic Type

CircusMonkey differs in that it specializes in both simple and complex 3D text layouts. It does this using several different rigs that can be further adjusted by way of the Ae Effect controls panel.

The new After Effects tool offers a new way of working with text in 3D space, brining some interesting possibilities for kinetic type workflow.

CircusMonkey is listed as a follow-up to the original TypeMonkey tool, which was Ebberts & Zucker’s first kinetic type generator for After Effects. While both the scripts will generate kinetic typography, they work differently and as such, the results are completely unique from each other.

At the core of CircusMonkey is several kinetic type text rigs that will allow you to create a series of basic 3D shapes with your type. It gives you a few options for animation, and will automatically generate a camera. The camera actually already has the animated moment with it as it moves from one word. Simple marker-based timing controls with CircusMonkey make 3D kinetic type adjustments really easy. Check out CircusMonkey for more information.