Geometry Tracking a Rubik’s Cube With SynthEyes

The Rubik’s Cube not only presented a great puzzle for many to solve in real life, it is also a great puzzle to solve in CG, both in 3D and geometry tracking.

Here, Matthew Merkovich does an off-the-cuff 3D object track of a Rubik’s Cube, showing how easy it is to create geometry tracking with SynthEyes.

The motivation for Matthew’s demonstration comes from a post that showed some results from a new geometry tracking system for Nuke. KeenTools’ GeoTracker is currently in beta as a lightweight Nuke plugin. The examples showed off geometry tracking for a Rubik’s Cube shot, and a shot of a car drifting.

Watch Mathew “put into perspective” (so to speak) the premise for tracking geometry   in various software packages.

Make sure you watch until the end, where Matthew shows some of his real life car tracks that look like absolute magic.

Mocha is my go-to tracking application, but I am trying to use SynthEyes more. It is super easy to use and it offers some great results. There is real value to SynthEye’s cost/performance.