Layer Cake Extension Assists in Creating Tiling Textures in Photoshop

If you need to create tiling textures often in Photoshop, you know that trying to tile multiple layers can be a hassle.

 take out some of the repetition while making Tiling Textures.

Thankfully, a new Photoshop extension by Game Developer and Technical Artist, Travis Evashkevich, makes creating tiling textures a piece of cake.

His Layer Cake Photoshop extension offers a super quick way for multi-layer offsets in PS.

Layer Cake is a suite of 4 scripts for Photoshop, that all focus around the tiling texture workflow.

Layer Cake handles the multi-layer offsetting in one click. You will never need to offset layers by hand, or by hitting the same hotkey over and over again. Simply select your PS visible and unlocked layers, select Layer Cake, and choose your offset values.

The PS extension also has a button for Rebake, which will reuse your last settings, making it easy to perform the same edits again.

Finally, Icing and Spectacles allow you to set up tiling texture preview to a larger document — which is also kind of the case with Spectacles, letting you blur tiling textures using a larger canvas, and editing back down to the original size.

Layer Cake is freely available, and if you find this script useful,donations are appreciated.