Have a Look at the Improved Deglitch Tool in SynthEyes

SynthEyes is a really great and affordable tool for camera, object, geometry, and planar tracking, stabilization, and motion capture. I feel better just having it around, even if i don’t get to use it that often. The latest release of SynthEyes added some 360VR features, but also some nice updates throughout the application — Such as the Deglitch tool.

In SynthEyes, there are a few ways that you can smooth out and clean up trackers that can cause bumps in a camera track. The graph editor in SynthEyes has a Deglitch Tool specifically for this purpose. The latest SynthEyes release added some improvements in that area, giving the Deglitch Tool some better algorithms into what it should do.

There is also an additional bit of functionality in the Deglitch tool. You can split a tracker by shift-clicking when a tracker has unexpectedly jumped from one feature to another.


Other Changes in SysnthEyes 1608 include:

  • FBX imports—Use File/Import/Filmbox Scene Import for a scene with cameras, meshes, nulls, entire rigs; or File/Import/Import Mesh for a single mesh, with FBX as an additional file type (Note: no rigs in Intro version).
  • FBX exports include entire deforming rigs.
  • Animated illumination measurement for trackers (including planar trackers) with storage on trackers, meshes, and lights to assist handling shots with rapidly varying lighting. New “Set Illumination from Trackers” script. Export via FBX or export “illumination data as plain text” script. See “Light Tracking” in the manual.
  • New Number Zone and glitch-fixing features in the Graph Editor.
  • SynthEyes now saves and restores non-scene settings and window placements (for single- and multiple-monitor configurations). Views adjust better to changing windows sizes. New related preferences. See “Preserving Placements and Settings” in the manual.
  • New GeoH “Make Selected the Root” and “Split Bone” scripts.
  • 360VR: The perspective view now displays directly on a spherical screen, instead of the linear one. So no need to run the 360VR sphere generation script for this reason (still good for export).
  • 360VR stabilization export and plugin for After Effects, so stabilization can be applied within After Effects with no SynthEyes render. (Separate download from Customer-Only area)
  • New Save Map Sequence script to save animated distortion/stabilization maps, for use in downstream compositing apps, notably export of 360VR stabilization.
  • Demo version can now run the 360VR scripts for testing.
  • Around 100 other changes.