“My IES Designer” Will Let You Make Custom IES files in C4D

Soon, you will be able to create and export your own custom IES files right from within Cinema 4D. A new plugin, “My IES Designer” from Rotenburg Verlag, promises an easy way to design lighting profiles for your renderings.

With just a few settings you can create and export your own IES files now and use them to design the light you need

If you are not familiar with EIS files, they are standardized photometric data files, from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES), that are used to describe light.

By using IES files on light sources in 3D, you can accurately cast a light’s physical qualities such as color, falloff, dispersion and more. In 3D, it is a really easy way to make an interior scene look much more real.

Due to launch next week some time, the “My IES Designer” will offer an intuitive and flexible system for pretty much every lighting challenge you might encounter.