Isaac Oster Launches Intermediate Maya Python Scripting Series for 99¢

If you have always wanted to learn Maya Python Scripting, there is no better way than to do it from industry working professionals, and there is no better person to learn from than Isaac Oster. Isaac is a character artist with over 6 years professional experience in the game industry. He has worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Batman Arkham: Origins, and most recently The Master Chief Collection, and also teaches game art production at the college level.

This tutorial series builds on the content covered in Isaac Oster’s Introduction to Python scripting in Maya

Isaac has had a course for Maya Python Scripting beginners, released about a year ago, for 99¢. The course offered Maya users the opportunity to get started working with Python in Maya. Recently, Isaac has extended the Maya Python Scripting series with another title.

Intermediate Maya Python Scripting is set to extend and build upon the subjects that were covered in the beginner series. The new Intermediate Maya Python Scripting focuses more on the practical applications for Scripting in Maya. This includes things like working with files, altering polygonal geometry, and performance optimizations. You can follow along with the projects in the series, which are built from scratch, and videos are available for download.