The using C4D dynamics, it can b a bit of a crapshoot to have objects behave the way that you want them to. Any time dynamics are involved, there would be a method to “art-direct” the results, but what if you wanted your animation to rest or stop in a really specific position?

easily influence the ending position of a dynamically animated object

Here, Jamie Hamel-Smith shows how you can do just that. Jamie’s quick tip shows how you can influence the ending of a c4D dynamics animation. Even though the objects are “dynamic” you can basically tell them what to do. Jamie sets a good example of setting objects to face in a specific direction ofter they are set to dynamically fall.

In Cinema 4D, it is as simple as using a cache tag to bake out the dynamics. From there you can position the objects to land where you want, and in the orientation that you want.