OpenToonz Plastic Cutout Rigging

Animator Simon Hayes shares a look into using OpenToonz Plastic feature to create cutout 2D characters that can move around using bones and joints. OptenToonz plastic feature works in a similar fashion to After Effects’ puppet pin tools, in that you are able to deform 2D elements easily.

OpenToonz plastic, however, is a bones or joint based system that surpasses Ae’s rudimentary puppet pins. For one, a bone and joint system will inherently have a hierarchy to them, making them ideal for character rigging and animation. A skeletal system is also the foundation for more advanced systems such as constraints and IK (Inverse Kinematics).

Here, Simon Hayes lays out the basics and steps for easily creating a 2D cutout character using the Plastic tool. If you would like some more context in this area, a little while ago, the Computer Art Club also showed a quick start to get you animating with the OpenToonz Plastic Tool.