New StreetView4D Plugin Lets You Create Endless HDR’s in C4D

While browsing Google’s Street View, I am sure that everyone has wondered if you can use those 360° images to create HDR’s for rendering. In fact, there was a time that 3D artist, Jamie Cardoso had a look at getting Google Street View images out of Street view and into 3D work. Recently, C4D plying developers, The Great Summit, have unveiled a look at their new C4D plugin, called StreetView4D.

The StreetView4D plugin lets you create almost endless HDR images to light your scene inside C4D.

StreetView4D allows you to use Street View as an endless source to create HDR images to light your scene inside of Cinema 4D. With StreetView4D, you don’t even have to leave C4D. The plugin lets you define a physical location by means of a URL. Set the HDR name, and output location, then simply hit a button. That is pretty much all there is to it.

The plugin has a handy tool that will add an HDR rig that will help you control the IBL (image based light) in your scene. This looks like the ultimate convenience for creating custom HDR images, especially while you are working.

How many HDR’s do artists need though? Sometimes the more, the better, but I find that people tend to use a select few that work best for specific styles of renderings. Still, it might be valuable to have the option to find something new instantly.

I don’t believe the plugin is available for purchase yet, and the Great Summit’s site is down for maintenance at the time of this post, but stay tuned for more information.


  1. Tanawat

    google street view is not High dynamic range image, right? It’s Low dynamic range image.
    So to claim the plugin create a HDR from a LDR, I doubt it.

  2. Rada

    Wow is a nice tool

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