How to Create a Dynamic Candle Flame with Cinema 4D

Freelance 3D & VFX Artist Sam Tato Shows How to Make a Dynamic Candle Flame Using Joints & Other Tricks

There is a lot to be said for short, concise and entirely helpful tutorials. A great set is from Freelance 3D & VFX Artist Sam Tato where he shows how to create a realistic candle flame that is dynamic. In the end, you can move the candle and have the candle flame react accordingly.

The tutorials are all under a minute-long and show (albeit quickly) how to create, map and texture the flame that is a just a modified cylinder. Then how to add flame-like motion using a noise-driven displacement deformer in Cinema 4D. A joint system will create the overall dynamic motion when the candle moves. Overall, an especially realistic result!

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  1. AJ

    Very nice results with a relatively easy setup. Well done!

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