Modeling without a deadline can be relaxing. Nothing matches the satisfaction of piecing together a complex model from some well thought out, or carefully crafted simple components. That is, of course, until a seemingly simple component starts to show a series of kinks in the surface. Pinching in parts of your model can be hard to avoid. Preventing pinching is something that can be easier said than done.

how do you solve the pinching problem?

What causes pinching exactly? How can we prevent pinching when we are Sub-D modeling in Cinema 4D? Answers to some of these questions are provided by Shane Benson’s latest post, which looks at how you can prevent pinching in certain types of models.

Each model poses its own unique problems. Certainly there is no one clear cut method for preventing pinching in a model. Luckily there are some commonalities that we can use as a guide, as explained by Shane.


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    This is Sheppard O’neil’s tutorials, not sure why it says Shane Benson

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