Tobias Steiner is the Creative Director & Visual Effects Artist at Two Reel FX in Las Vegas. Here Tobias offers a window into the C4D, Substance Painter workflow for production; A look at round-tripping assets from Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and back to Cinema 4D for rendering with Arnold.

…the workflow from beginning to end on preparing a model in C4D for effective use in Substance Painter then bringing it back into C4D for rendering in Arnold Render.

A little while ago, GlassHand Films Artistic Director, Brandon Clements offered up a really extensive introduction to Substance Painter Workflow with Cinema 4D, finally rendering with Octane Render. If you want to have an additional look at bouncing between C4D and Substance Painter, Tobias walks through completing an asset from start to finish. As noted by Tobias at the outset, creating effective UV’s for your objects is imperative. That one task alone can determine the displayed resolution for your textures and surfaces.

The tutorial covers:

  • Setting up UV’s in C4D for optimized results
  • Preparing the model to export to Substance Painter
  • Procedural texturing basics in Substance Painter
  • Exporting textures for Arnold Renderer
  • Setting up Arnold Materials using Substance Painter Textures.