Stand back everyone. We might just have the definitive solution here for creating and managing layer groups in After Effects. Many have tried, and many have had limited success in the quest for a layer managing and the attempts to incorporate the layer group ideology right within After Effects.

Custom layer groups dramatically changing the way you work in After Effects.

After Effects itself is a layer based system, that has absolutely no tools for managing layers — that is CRAZY. The After Effects development team leaves it up to their users to muddle through managing something that clearly should be shouldered by Adobe.

Actually, I am being largely hyperbolic here, After Effects gives you solo and shy as weapons against layer dense projects.

Too. Many. Layers.

The problem with third party solutions is that the effort typically ends up being clunky, perhaps even a masterclass in kluge. This might change however, with a new layer group script in After Effects that takes on a novel approach to managing the sea of layers that come with just working normally in After Effects.

Layer Groups, a Clean and Effective Solution

Layer Storage offers a clever, clean and effective way to create and manage layers in After Effects. A simple panel that can be docked right next to the After Effects timeline gives you a form of layer groups that have the flexibility and ease as “tags” would offer.

The creator of Layer Storage, Joachim Holler, set out to tackle the problem of layer clutter, because no one has really completely solved it yet. In doing so, he created Layer Storage which allows you to hide, show, solo and even isolate groups instead of single layers within Ae. The best part is that the groups are saved right in the After Effects project file. So you can effectively “store” the layer groupings and have them handy at all times.

Layer Storage Features

  • Custom Layer Groups within After Effects
  • Solo, Hide, Shy and Select all contents of your groups together
  • an easy Isolate-Mode
  • Seamless integration with compositions
  • No added hierarchy
  • Groups are saved inside project
  • Compatible with CS5+

Pricing and Availability

Layer Storage is available through aescripts + aeplugins, and might be the best $34.99 that you have ever spent on yourself. Visit the page for Layer Storage for more information.