Kasper Larsson did a stint at MPC, and then moved to Industrial Light & Magic as a Creature Developer working in the disciplines of animation tool writing, auto riggers and other python scripts, to modeling, texturing. Now Kasper shares some of his skills with the community by offering a free, complete and structured training series, that is a 101 for quadruped rigging in Maya.

The Quadruped Rigging 101 course starts simply, but works modularly in creating legs, spine, tails and everything needed for effective rigging of quadrupeds. Make no mistake, this is more of a complete course, than it is a tutorial. There are over twelve videos in the series, and it can all be viewed for free.

Certainly, one could always use an auto-rig system for creating all kinds of rigs quickly, but knowing how the rigging systems work within Maya are imperative if you are to troubleshoot any sort of problems effectively.

If you have always wanted to learn basic rigging concepts in Maya, this might be a good opportunity for you. Check out Kasper Larsson’s Maya Quadruped Rigging 1o1 course here, for the structured list of topics and videos. More courses appear to be on their way, including a Maya Python 101, and a Maya Animation to Unreal Engine course.