Creating, Rigging, Animating, and Rendering a Ladybug Within Houdini

Side Effect’s Ari Danesh posts a new tutorial sources which will cover creating a ladybug shot from start to finish. The First chapter of the tutorial looks into the point clouds, modeling and shader development for the elytra, or shell/wing cover of the ladybug.

Part 1 of a multiple part workshop on creating, rigging, animating, and rendering a Ladybug all within Houdini.

Ari shows how to use point clouds within Houdini in a system that will allow you to interactively place spots on the ladybug’s wing shells. There is also a walkthrough showing how to create a custom beetle shader that you can use to easily derive different types of materials for beetles.

Finally, the tutorial covers how to save the geometry as a packed primitive and then render a scene that contains thousands of instances of the shell.

Visit SideFX for the resource materials for the Ladybug Project including a PDF and scene files.