Viewport speed become important when you are working hard. The last thing you want, is to wait for the scene to redraw. Consequently, getting a crappy frame rate can be annoying when animating. Instead of limiting the number of objects on your scene, or model, why not just manage it batter?

The Viewport Switch plugin enables you to turn on/off settings inside C4D with a single button or shortcut.

A Better Way To Manage Viewport Speed

Now you might have a better way to manage your viewport speed, rather than struggling, thanks to the Great Summit. Their new plugin, Viewport Switch, lets you easily select the settings that you need at the touch of a button. As an example, with a single switch, you can temporarily turn off the viewport visibility of every object in your scene.

Viewport Speed plugin

Alternatively, you can easily change the display mode, thereby making your viewport speed faster. The plugin offers a layer manager, allowing you to quickly turn off layers completely. A proxy tab lets you easily switch between two types of objects. As an example, a high polygon and a low polygon object.

Best of all, with the Viewport Switch plugin, you can control everything with a single shortcut — And it’s only around $20.00. Interested? Make sure you head over to The Great Summit for more information.