Pryce Duncalf is responsible for the technical in’s and out’s at Munk Studios. When he isn’t doing that, he is publishing some pretty great quick tips for Cinema 4D. As an example of that, here is Pryce, showing how you can create a scene with floating papers being swept around by a breeze.

a quick and easy method for combining mograph with deformers to create flowing sheets of paper

This is a pretty quick and easy method to animate floating papers or any wind-swept objects. The technique combines Mograph with a series of deformers. In fact it’s just cloners, random effectors, and displacers. Pryce notes that because this uses Mograph clones, it can simply be a starting point. So much more is possible with the effectors and deformers.

Extending the “floating papers” idea, how about adding a simple flocking or swarming animation? In another quick tip, Pryce shows how you can get a cheap and easy swarm or flock animation, that makes use of Hair and Mograph Effectors.

Pryce has been posting quite a few “silent” quick tip tutorials that cover Cinema 4D. The quick tips are an ongoing series of project breakdowns and short demonstrations showing techniques and tricks used for various different purposes.