Motion Graphics Artist Casey Latiolais posts a quick tip tutorial showing how easy it is to get convincing motion for wind-blown flying papers across the screen in C4D. Casey shows how to set up the papers in C4D and uses the Cloth tag to give the papers their unique motion.

Quick tip using cloth tag for paper flying by.

Casey was able to use this technique in the intro the Kobo directors cut he recently completed which can be seen below.


Casey Latiolais has had some other very useful tutorials in the past. Camera Mapping for Easy Parallax in C4D offered a look at adding some life into a simple 2D image by using camera mapping techniques in Cinema 4D.

Casey also showed how to create a pencil that draws on a line in After Effects, that used techniques drawn from a project of his.

Casey also broke down his technique for creating hand drawn animation from references that were rendered out of Cinema 4D. That tutorial also explored some other methods for creating a hand-drawn look to animation by using Photoshop and Flash.