10 Things You wish You Knew About After Effects Starting Out

I’m am pretty sure we have all had those head-slapping moments when working with new software. Some call them the aha! moments, epiphanies, or that moment when you see the light. Either way, those small discoveries are really a mix of satisfaction and confidence building that is so very important when learning new stuff.

Tyler goes over 10 things he wish he knew when he first started using After Effects

Here, Motion Array’s, Tyler Williams checks off the top 10 things he wished that he knew about After Effects when first learning the program. To be fair, Ae has been around a long, long time, and some of what it does may not be so intuitive. After all, it is a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator with a timeline mixed in there, some can find it easy to get lost in there.

Some of Tyler’s tips include sequencing layers, and changing the default interpolation type to linear, for all you hard-core animators out there. Even if you think you are familiar with after effects, you might come across one of the ten that makes you think – “omg! how did i not know that!”… Like how using the region of interest as a crop was for me when I first saw it years ago.

Seriously though, I don’t know how many times I have encountered After Effects users who don’t know really useful things like making keyframe groups “rove” by holding down a simple key. So even if you know your stuff… maybe have a watch just in case? If yo udon want to watch the vid, the lis includes sequence layers, linear interpolation by default, easily cropping compositions, adjusting multiple keyframes, locking panels, preserving underlying transparency, keyboard shortcuts, parenting cameras to nulls, kerning tricks and using after effects scripts.

Motion Array comes up with great little tips like the ones shown in the video here, all the time. Make sure you check them out once and a while.