A Quick Look at Workspaces in Maya and Maya LT 2017

Maya 2017 brought a lot of new features, but probably the most flexible are the new Workspaces. If you have used virtually any other application since the late 90’s, you are probably already familiar with how workspaces operate.

Workspaces feature provides a new way to organize the various UI elements in Maya/Maya LT

Maya Workspaces found in Maya LT and Maya 2017 offers the same type of functionality as those. You can quickly choose the workspace that suits the last at hand. Rigging, lighting, modeling, and the like. Of course you can create your own workspace if you find the presets a little lacking. Here, Autodesk’s Matthew Doyle shows of how Workspaces operate in Maya.

What really makes it flexible, is that you can easily assign a hotkey to any workspace, custom or otherwise. That makes it super easy to shift between all of your workspaces as you are diving into your next project. Think of it as a great way to organize all the UI elements that you need for the task at hand.