You Can Art-Direct X-Particle Paths With C4D’s Brush Tools

There is a little used particle editing function in X-Particles that can really make it easy to art-direct x-particle paths.

X-Particles is an amazing tool for Cinema 4D. It is extramely powerful, while still being simple to use. Being so easy to use, some users might find it difficult to really nail down the look that they are looking for.

Mike shows you how to use the little known particle editing function to art direct x-particle paths using cinema’s built in brush tools.

This can be due to the endless possibilities and wide open spaces with X-Particles, or simply because it can be taxing to get the particles moving the way you want them to.

Well, there is a little-known tool in X-Particles that will allow you to art direct X-Particle paths to get the look and direction that you are looking for.
The Particle Editing function allows you to use Cinema 4D’s built-in and familiar brush tools to manipulate the direction of the particles.

The Editing tab in X-Particles essentially makes each individual particles as “editable” points. While in Edit Mode you can select, move or delete any particle. Pretty amazing actually.

Changing the edit mode from points to paths, will allow you to edit the direction of the particles. While in edit path mode, you can easily use the brush tools in C4D to push around the particle direction paths.

You can use this to get a more natural look to the particles being emitted, or tweaking or refining their direction.